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10 of the Worst Jobs for the Future

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The job market is improving, albeit in fits and starts. After reaching 10% unemployment in 2009, the nation's jobless rate has worked its way back below 7%. But the slow pace of the recovery has tempered employment expectations for the coming years. Two years ago, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that overall employment would increase 14.8% by 2020; the latest projection is 10.8% growth by 2022. "When they made those rosier projections, they didn't realize how slow this rebound was going to be," says labor force expert Laurence Shatkin.

Some career fields are in worse shape than others. We've identified ten struggling professions that you might want to think twice about entering. All ten are shedding positions rapidly, most are saddled with below-average pay and many come with high stress levels, based on such factors as time pressure and having to deal with unpleasant people. To lend a hand, we've identified viable career alternatives that promise brighter futures.